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Blu & Blue baby and kids

May 18, 2017

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Martina Anderson

There is nothing better than having that lovely pair of Blu & Blue jeans. Blu & Blue is Butter-soft denim clothing, redefined for Kids.  Every kid would love to wear blue jeans because of their everlasting style that always keeps them relaxed. Parents love this brand because is durable denim is easy to wash, take a beating, and kids would wear jeans to pieces (if we would let them).

Born from a family custom of designing and producing high-quality clothing for over 35 years, Blu & Blue butter-soft denim clothes are ideal for babies and toddlers, tumbling about and exploring the world from the playground to your living room floor. 

Their uniqueness is reflected in their quality, design and the way they make their clothes. The Blu & Blue jean line for babies and kids is passionate and committed to lending their fabric, product expertise and sense of style to an innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable new venture.

The Blu & Blue jean fabric is hand selected from the best mills around the world such as; Japan, Turkey, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and India.

Designer jeans such as Blu & Blue make sure that your baby and kid look is unique - they are not one of those run-of-the-mill jeans that you can buy off the shelves while you are purchasing your household goods. Blu & Blue jean creations are usually one-of-a-kind for your little one. So you can be confident that you will not run across someone wearing exactly the same pair!

Blu & Blue jean designs for both male and female kids have a better cut and style - thus flattering their body. Some of the jeans are even 'engineered' to sit snugly over the curves of their body.


  • Each product is 100% safe for kids and certified by world-class quality assurance team.
  • Each garment is passed through needle detector machines to make sure it is free from any irritants for baby’s skin.
  • Eco-friendly production.
  • Super soft, tasteful, well made, and most of all a practical expression of contemporary style and quality comfort.

Kid’s jeans designs are an essential part of any child's closet. Make sure your child has several garments from Blu & Blue designer brand to keep up with their rough habits. Jeans garments for your love one provide the optimal material for all the wear and tear your children are going to put them through. You can make kids jeans work with an everyday casual affair as well dressing them up with a nicer top. Kid’s jeans make for an exciting gift that any child is sure to love. Children love them and can know they'll soon become their favorite clothing item. Be on the lookout for a new pair of kid’s Blu & Blue jeans!










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