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Caramel London Baby and Child

Apr 24, 2017

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Ana Paredes

Children who want to dress with a little class and elegance are in luck, as our new collection of Caramel Baby and Child for Spring Summer 2017 will get you thrown over by their sumptuous collections of clothing and accessories for children of all ages. With spring comes a whole new collection of kid’s clothing to get excited about! Few are making more waves currently than the gorgeous London label Caramel Baby & Child, which offers some truly gorgeous children’s clothing for kids of all ages.  Caramel Baby & Child is the brainchild of a trained lawyer by the name of Eva Karayiannis who had grown disillusioned with the quality of children’s clothing on the market and decided to make a change with her own beautiful designs and, from that, Caramel Baby & Child was born.

Caramel Baby and Child is a modern success story, crafted by a unique founder with a real passion and vision for children’s clothing. This British company designs luxury children’s wear as well as baby fashion and home wares usually Characterised by a refined simplicity. Their pieces maintain functionality whilst delivering intricate attention to detail. Fresh silhouettes in bold, confident prints and distinctive colorways create a unique balance between the classic and the contemporary.

Caramel Baby and Child have created a reputation for itself as one of the pre-eminent children’s wear brands on the market.  This "So British" brand is driven by intuition, creativity and passion. Caramel Baby & Child is just a delight to behold!  Eva Karayiannis, the designer first launched Caramel in 1999, designing distinctive and occasionally quirky pieces with a touch of individual style. Referencing vintage designs and laid back Englishness, Caramel offers luxurious pieces with a touch of refined simplicity. FW14 builds on past seasons, with classic shapes given a modern edge with vibrant hues rich in texture.

Caramel also creates luxury women’s wear. Caramel Woman is the much awaited collection for women who have long craved after a slice of Caramel's unflinching way with color, vintage inspired cuts and a skillful blend of carefully juxtaposed prints.

The mission is to design effortless pieces for the Caramel customer who has grown up and still wants to wear a familiar aesthetic which incorporates our distinct color palette, a discerning eye for detail and flattering cuts at an affordable price point.

Regardless of their relatively humble surroundings, Caramel Baby & Child have certainly got a reputation that precedes them and they now boast a presence not just in London but also in Singapore, New York and Japan. What is immediately obvious with Caramel Baby & Child is the immense quality of the clothing they produce.

They’re well aware that kids lead an active lifestyle and their clothing reflects this but, unlike most other children’s clothing brands, they don’t let this impact on the visual appeal of their clothing and produce some genuinely beautiful pieces of clothing for both boys and girls.

Children’s clothing is something that has, in recent years, fallen into somewhat of a monotonous pattern with no real creativity at all and a lack of genuinely beautiful clothing that allows children to showcase their style. Well, courtesy of superb clothing brands like the London- based Caramel Baby & Child, 2017 will definitely be a stylish year for many children all over the world.

Caramel Baby and Child have a big reputation that precedes them internationally. With stores as far as New York and the Far East, the quality of clothing that they produce really does speak for itself and for any parents after something a good deal more stylish for their offspring in 2017, there truly can be few better places to start than the well-stocked shelves of Caramel Baby & Child. So, if you’re after a wonderfully stylish clothing brand with which to dress your children this spring, you’ll be hard- pressed to find many better than Caramel Baby and Child and their superb collection of clothing for boys, girls and babies!

Shop Caramel Baby and Child.

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