Feature in Lillies and Leon

Feature in Lillies and Leon


Summer in NYC with kids: Tuchinda and Arsene

arsene t-shit white


We are very excited to announce we had the honor of being featured in the blog of a one of our favorite Latina Moms of Instagram: Nicole Gonzalez.

Check out the amazing pics she posted of some Voila looks including some of our favourite summer looks from Tuchinda and Arsene.

Nicole captured the beauty of summer with kids in NYC and the motherly concern of having accomplished all the musts in the summer family bucket list.

As moms, we try our best to give our children the best experiences we can, though it’s important to cut ourselves some slack. As Nicole said “all you do – no matter how big or small – is more than enough”. All the effort comes from a place of pure motherly love and that is what counts.



We loved it and we hope you love it too.




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