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May 26, 2017

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Martina Anderson

The summer is something school kids of all ages look forward to. Though, as a parent, it can

be a bit of a sticky situation. You want your kids to have a break and have fun, but then you

are faced with the dilemma of keeping them busy and out of trouble all summer long. If you

plan out on a calendar an activity for each day, it will give the kids something to look forward

to and will give them a way to be stimulated both physically and mentally over their school

vacation. Having a plan for the summer months will make the break easier on the entire

family. Kids who have plenty of fun options have a tendency to be happier children, which

will help families avoid squabbles and fights. This article will offer a variety of ideas to keep

your kids busy during summer.

Below are few things you can do to keep kids busy during summer:

1. Assign them chores. One way to keep kids busy during the summer is to allow them

plenty of time to hang out and play with friends, but make it conditional on whether or not

their chores are done. It is always a good idea to give kids chore lists in the summer to

prevent them from getting too lazy, and to remind them that it is not all fun and games. Kids

need to remember that they are part of a family, and have a role to play, and thus, when not

busy with homework and classes, they can contribute more to keeping the home running

and in working order. Mowing lawns, cleaning bathrooms, and taking out the garbage are all

great summer chore list items.

2. Have them learning. An excellent way to keep kids busy in the summer is to keep them

learning. One of the things that many teachers complain about is how much the students

need to catch up once they come back to school again. One of the best ways to keep them

stimulated and involved intellectually is to create a chart that requires a small amount of

reading and math facts for them to do daily. You can get whatever books they are excited to

read at your local library. The more they are interested in the book, the more likely they will

be excited to do a few minutes of reading every day. You can buy a grade level appropriate

workbook of math facts and have your child do a page each day to keep their skills sharp

throughout the summer. It is best to do these things at the same time every day to form a

pattern that they expect. Kids love learning, so make it fun and they will stay busy, while their

minds stay active.

3. Design activities and outings. One way to keep kids busy in the summer is to plan

scheduled events and outings. Look at what your local area has to offer, and plan something

weekly that you can go and do together. Whether it is visiting wildlife preserves, or national

parks, checking out some great shopping or visiting amusements and attractions, going to

the local pool for swimming lessons or taking a bike ride around the neighbourhood, all these

are great ways to have fun and stay busy. Consider passes to things like water and

amusement parks, that way your child always has an option for something to do during the

summer days.

4. Enroll them in camps, clubs, classes, programs, etc. Most communities have centers

or recreation centers, YMCAs etc. with sports camps, clubs, crafting, classes and more to

offer. Look into it and let them get involved in things they are interested in. If you have a

family vacation planned, prepare the kids for where they are going and make it educational

too. Teach them about some interesting facts about the vacation spot and have them keep a

trip journal. Traveling is one of the best learning experiences for both children and adults.

Cooking is another fun thing to do in the summer. Try making homemade ice cream or

popsicles for a yummy summer treat. Cooking is great because math is used as well as


5. Have them get a job. A part-time job for kids that are old enough is a fantastic way to

keep kids busy in the summer. It lets them earn some pocket money while teaching them

some responsibility and helping them gain valuable life skills such as working for and with

other people. It also helps you avoid things like your kid sleeping until noon each day. If they

have to get up for work, that becomes a non-issue.

Hopefully these suggestions can help your kids avoid summer boredom. Now go and start having fun!


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