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Latest Blouses Styles For Babies And Toddlers

Feb 03, 2017

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Ana Paredes

Latest Blouses Styles For Babies And Toddlers

Soon winter will give way to spring and from then on it’s the outdoors all the way and surely, you’d want you kid to stand out in the crowd. That baby and kids fashion has become a strong niche that is here to stay, is no longer news and the trend right now is tilted towards European brands and is catching on across major US cities like New York, California, and Miami.

Ruffles have taken center-stage (In dresses, in blouses, in bloomers) and are the new black as far as baby and kids fashion is concerned.

The exciting thing about ruffle collar blouses is that they can be worn for various occasions. There is also that flexibility they give you to easily mix and match them with different bottoms.

This gold and white striped ruffle collar blouse for instance will match various bottom colors and can be worn indoors or outdoors to virtually every occasion.

Ruffle collar blouse baby and toddler

The uniqueness of this year’s blouses styles is that they allow you explore your creativity beyond limits. This versatility is given full expression in this floral shirt and dungarees combo. A definite hit any day!

Ruffle floral blouse baby and toddler

CCheck out other designs and matching options:

ruffle collar girl dressruffle floral collar blouse and wool and cashmere dress


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